Paper Shredding Can Protect Your Identity, Your Business, & Your Customers

These days, it is natural to be concerned about document security, whether you are an individual thinking about identity theft or a business responsible for managing sensitive customer files, credit reports, or patient records. Identity theft is a very real issue in today’s world and a crime that happens more commonly than most people realize. That ways in which confidential information can be stolen today are many, regardless of whether you have a pile of confidential paper records or a computer hard drive you think you’ve wiped clean of sensitive files. Hackers can now access this information with startling ease, so it’s important to have a plan for your security and the security of those you serve, and it starts with a trusted, thorough partner like A Shred Ahead.

Secure Document Destruction

A Shred Ahead takes the hassle and worry out of document destruction. We can help make sure that you are protected from data thieves and that your business has a plan in place to ensure compliance with state and federal privacy regulations.

In fact, document shredding is a proactive approach that can stop problems before they ever happen.

  • It keeps the prying eyes of neighbors and competitors away from valuable private information.
  • It enables business owners and managers to meet the stringent guidelines laid out in a wave of new state and federal laws so you can avoid fines and other sanctions.
  • It even helps keep pollutants out of the air and waste out of landfills: A Shred Ahead believes in sustainable shredding practices and sends all the shredded documents to mills for use in recycled paper, which saves trees, water, electricity, and gasoline.

We’re Your Partner for Secure Paper Shredding

By working with A Shred Ahead to set up a consistent, secure, on-site shredding program, you will go a long way toward meeting your document destruction needs. A Shred Ahead will make certain that you comply with state and federal laws.

Security & Identity Theft Fact Sheets Available for Download:

If you have any questions about paper shredding, document security or compliance, please contact us for more information.