Paper Shredding Services for Small Businesses

A Shred Ahead provides a turnkey paper shredding and recycling service designed for small businesses specifically. We know that when you own a small business, you don’t have a lot of time to dedicated to aspects like securely disposing of unwanted paper materials or hard drives. Your focus has to be on maintaining your business and employees. But, small businesses can be targeted for information theft just as commonly as any other, and it’s often these smaller businesses that do not have a secure information disposal plan in place. To avoid a breach that could damage your business’s reputation and compromise the sensitive information of those you serve, you need a trusted shredding program you can rely on, and that’s exactly what A Shred Ahead provides to small businesses throughout the southeast.

Small Business Paper Shredding Routes

A Shred Ahead’s Route customers receive free rolling bins or office consoles. We will give you as many bins or consoles as you need. You will also get keys to the containers in case any materials need to be retrieved. Keep in mind that we shred more than just paper: A Shred Ahead can easily destroy all types of confidential data.

Our Document Shredding Service

Once every four weeks, or more often if needed, A Shred Ahead’s friendly, professional paper shredding staff will empty your bin, shred all contents on-site, and recycle the shredded material. After each service visit, A Shred Ahead will e-mail you a certificate of destruction. Find out more about how our small business package can work for you!

The Benefits of a Small Business Shredding Service

Let A Shred Ahead provide secure document destruction so you can focus on the challenges of running your small business.

Our paper shredding services are:

Efficient: Is your business really about document destruction? Ours is. Your employees will be free of the constant hassle of document shredding, paper jams, pulling staples, and sorting papers.
Secure: All bins and consoles are secure under lock and key. Our bonded staff shreds all paper on-site, ensuring that all your unwanted, confidential documents are destroyed.
Simple: We can start your paper shredding service within 24 hours of your call to us.
Sustainable: All shredded paper is recycled, not sent to the landfill.

Request a document shredding quote online and receive a written price quote within 24 hours. Contact your local shredding office to discuss your shredding needs.