On-Site Paper & Document Shredding

A Shred Ahead offers trusted on-site shredding services for businesses of all sizes and types. We’ve been a trusted, reliable shredding provider throughout the southeast for years. From our headquarters in Raleigh, NC, we serve customers in locations across the southern and central U.S., and we’re always expanding our reach. If your company needs a secure and responsive on-site shredding company to handle your needs, we encourage you to find a location nearest you, reach out to us, and let us handle everything.

Why is A Shred Ahead one of the most dependable and fast-growing on-site shredders in the country? Read below to find out more about what makes our team, our equipment, and our on-site shredding capabilities the perfect choice to partner with for you and your business.

Powerful Shredding Trucks

At A Shred Ahead, we’re proud to operate a large company-owned fleet of powerful shredding trucks. This means that we bring our shredding capabilities directly to your site. Our shredding trucks are capable of destroying up to 8,000 pounds of paper documents per hour, so there’s no shredding job too large for us to handle. Plus, our trucks can shred everything from staples to paper clips, binder clips, and much more, so there’s no need to waste time preparing your documents at all prior to shredding.

We’ve even added cutting-edge, fuel-efficient shredding trucks to our fleet, making our on-site shredding services more environmentally friendly than ever. Our outstanding fleet of modern trucks gives us the capability we need to serve your every shredding need.

Experienced, Uniformed Technicians

When the time comes for your on-site shredding appointment with A Shred Ahead, we’ll dispatch one of our friendly, experienced shredding technicians to your location. You can rely on your technician to arrive on time, as scheduled, no exceptions. Your technician will also be uniformed, so there’s no question you’re allowing someone trustworthy into your office. Once on-site, your technician will remove all of your unwanted or unneeded paper documents and take them directly to the truck for fast, secure on-site shredding. Our technicians are carefully trained to handle your shredding needs to a certain standard, so you never have to worry about the safety of your materials. Your technician can answer any questions you may have about our trucks, prepping your materials, or our shredding process.

One-Time Purges or Scheduled-Route Services

A Shred Ahead is capable of handling any level of on-site shredding needs. Whether you have a small box of financial records to destroy or an entire warehouse filled with outdated yet sensitive documents, we can do a one-time purge to take care of everything—up to four tons per hour.

In the event your business has ongoing, recurring shredding needs, we can set you up with a scheduled-route shredding service. We’re fully capable of dispatching a shredding truck to your site as often as you need, whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Your regularly scheduled on-site shredding service will be fully customized to your requirements.

A Range of Bin & Console Options

For customers with recurring shredding needs, A Shred Ahead offers a variety of clean, high-quality, and understated storage bins and consoles for you to keep on site. Depending on the extent of your needs and the amount of space you have in your office, we’ll help you choose the perfect option. All of our bins and consoles are completely secure, so once an unwanted document is placed inside, no one will be able to access them without the corresponding key. Your bin or console will keep your confidential documents contained and secure until your technician arrives to remove them for immediate on-site shredding.