Data & Hard Drive Shredding & Destruction

A Shred Ahead’s capabilities go far beyond traditional file shredding and document destruction. In addition to those outstanding services, we also offer valuable hard drive shredding and data destruction, with locations across the southern and central United States. We make it easy, safe, and secure to ensure all of your sensitive digital information is destroyed completely, with no possibility of recovery. We have the experienced technicians and cutting-edge equipment needed to handle computer hard drives, thumb drives, CDs and DVDs, SD cards, old mobile phones, and so much more.

Why should you worry about destroying your old hard drives and other data storage media? And, why should you choose A Shred Ahead to handle it for you? It’s simple: protection from identity theft, compliance with laws and regulations, and above all, peace of mind for you. Whether you’re shredding for individual or business purposes, hard drive destruction is just as important as destroying paper documents.

Identity Theft Protection

When you upgrade your company’s computers, mobile phones, or other devices, it’s absolutely not enough simply to “delete” your old files. In most cases, deleted computer files will still be accessible by technically savvy people seeking sensitive information about your company and your customers. Even if you use so-called “hard drive wipers” designed to reset the data on a hard drive to a blank state, not all “wiping” techniques are created equally, so you could still be at risk. Your best bet for reliable data security? Call A Shred Ahead to destroy your hard drives and other physical media completely. This is the only guaranteed way to ensure that hackers cannot get to your confidential information. Keeping this information in a so-called safe place isn’t enough. Throwing it away, donating it, and recycling it definitely are not enough. The only true path to security and peace of mind is shredding it completely, with no trace left to be stolen.

Legal Compliance

Secure data destruction is about much more than identity theft protection and sleeping easy at night. There are many state and federal laws and regulations that govern data security in many industries, so it’s about legal compliance as well. Our local teams have many years of experience helping our customers navigate the legalities, so we’re here to help! With our expertise and our secure hard drive shredding and data destruction services, you’ll maintain compliance and avoid costly penalties as well.

Mobile Data Destruction

When it comes to helping you protect your sensitive information and maintain legal compliance, A Shred Ahead makes it as easy as possible. All you have to do is get in touch with your local team, and we’ll handle everything else for you. With our mobile data and hard drive shredding, we bring our services directly to your location for immediate on-site destruction in a highly secure environment. There’s absolutely no risk that your sensitive data will fall into the wrong hands, so you can rest assured your old electronics won’t be putting you at risk.

Powerful Hard Drive Shredding

Most computer hard drives these days are made of advanced aluminum alloys or glass and ceramic mixtures, all encased in strong aluminum or steel frames that fully enclose their sensitive internals. This means that they’re incredibly strong and robust—but our equipment is much stronger. There’s no need to dismantle your old hard drives, either. We’ll simply remove them from your office, take them straight to our powerful mobile shredding truck on site, and destroy them completely right away. You can watch the entire process start to finish if you like. With A Shred Ahead, physical data security with your old equipment has never been easier.