Corporate Shredding Services

A Shred Ahead is a trusted partner of large companies, corporations, and enterprises throughout the southern and central United States. Our corporate shredding capabilities are virtually limitless, with vast volume capacities and the experienced, professional team needed to handle even the biggest jobs. We’re also highly experienced in helping all types of corporate customers maintain compliance with various state and federal laws governing information security. All you have to do is get in touch with your local team, and we’ll be proud to handle all of your shredding requirements. We’re prompt, uniformed, trained, and highly professional: a true partner in helping you manage your business.

Why should your enterprise rely on the team at A Shred Ahead for all of your document shredding needs? What benefits will you enjoy when you partner with our us? We’ve explained some of the many reasons why we’re your ideal corporate shredding partner below.

Limitless Shredding Capacity

A Shred Ahead proudly operates a large company-owned fleet of powerful mobile shredding trucks. Our cutting-edge trucks each feature up to 8,000 pounds per hour of paper shredding capacity, meaning there’s no job too small or too large for us to handle with ease. So, when it comes time to purge entire closets, storerooms, or even warehouses full of sensitive documents, we’ll be ready to meet the challenge. We can even dispatch multiple shredding trucks to your site to work together, if needed. No matter how many pounds or tons of unneeded papers you have to destroy, the A Shred Ahead team can handle it with just one visit, in most cases.

Ensured Legal Compliance

Many of our corporate customers generate, process, and store hard-copy documents containing sensitive information about their customers’ financial, medical, legal, and other personal data. These records are governed by a variety of state and federal legislation requiring their secure and documented destruction at certain intervals. A Shred Ahead is highly experienced in shredding for legal compliance, helping our customers avoid costly penalties and litigation. We manage the entire process of compliant document destruction, including all needed documentation. Read more about our HIPAA, FACTA, and GLBA shredding services.

Reliable Routine Shredding

At A Shred Ahead, most of our corporate customers have routine, recurring shredding needs that must be managed on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Our team is highly skilled and experienced at scheduling customized routine shredding programs, tailored to each customer’s unique requirements. A Shred Ahead customers know they can count on our uniformed team members to arrive at their location exactly when scheduled, remove all unwanted paper documents, and shred them immediately on site, all while conducting themselves with the highest levels of professionalism. We take pride in building relationships with our customers, and your staff will enjoy getting to know ours as we handle your routine shredding needs.

The Utmost Peace-of-Mind

There are many reasons why our corporate customers need their documents and outdated records shredded on a regular basis. Whether it’s keeping their sensitive information safe from falling into the wrong hands or simply freeing up some extra storage space, A Shred Ahead is here to deliver trustworthy shredding you can count on. We’re proud to provide the highest levels of peace-of-mind while making sure our customers get the secure shredding services they need. The result is ensured legal compliance, safe liberation of storage space, and much more. We’re proud to take care of everything so our customers can relax and focus on their businesses. In that way, we consider ourselves an ally in keeping your operations running smoothly and securely while helping you be organized and clutter-free.