Oklahoma City, OK

With A Shred Ahead, clients in Oklahoma City have a trusted mobile shredding services partner.

A Shred Ahead is pleased to be the prime source for on-site shredding in the Oklahoma City, OK area. Our dedicated local team operates a full fleet of shredding trucks that will come to your site anywhere in OKC. Our mobile shredding is fast, safe, secure, and very easy for residents and businesses alike.

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How a Shredder Can Help You Go Green

Your company might not have considered how you could use a shredding service in the past. But as more businesses are making the move to digital, we’re left with more extra paper than ever.

Going green has become a priority for plenty of companies. With that comes the need to find a sustainable way to dispose of your documents. Our fleet of eco-friendly trucks can safely destroy your records and help reduce your carbon footprint. Find out more about how we can help you go digital.

Stop Identity Theft at the Source

Most people associate identity theft with online habits. But a large amount happens through paper records. Nosy thieves are able to use old bank statements, bills, and even hospital records to gain access to your accounts. Stop them by getting your documents shredded.

Putting a Focus on Service

At A Shred Ahead, we understand that everyone has their own unique needs. That’s why we give you top-notch service along with several different options. When it comes to working for you, we believe in going beyond “good enough” to deliver service that truly satisfies.

Tailored Shredding for Your Demands

We don’t mind if it’s a single visit or a regular thing. A Shred Ahead is honored to help regardless of job size. We’ll customize our service to your schedule. Whether it’s one stop at a certain time, or a regular appointment. Reach out to us today to learn more.

Destroying Documents to the Letter of the Law

Hiring a secure shredding service doesn’t only protect your info. It can help you follow the law. Don’t stress about how to follow regulations. Let us keep you in compliance. Call A Shred Ahead today to see how we can help.


The State’s Peerless Document Disposal Pros

Thanks to our hi-tech equipment and outstanding customer service, we’ve become one of the leading shredding services in the region. Our accessible drop-off sites and speedy, on-location services make file shredding easier than ever.

Our fleet of top-of-the-line trucks can be wherever you need them, when you need them. They can quickly be at your home or your office to take care of your job fast. From the neighborhood to the office park, we’re always happy to serve you.

We think that file shredding shouldn’t be difficult. That’s why we make it easy for you. Schedule a visit today, and have your documents handled at a time that works for you. Just give us a call, and let us do the rest.

We’re Where You Need Us To Be

Regardless of your company’s location, we can be wherever you need us in and around your area. Our fleet of tried-and-true trucks will drive to your home or business to get the job done. Find us a place to park, and we’ll do the rest.

The Easiest Way to Dispose of Data

Old hard drives can still have a lot of important info. Even if they’ve been wiped. Don’t risk sending them to the recycling center. Call A Shred Ahead to have one of our teams will come to your door take care of it for you. It’s the simplest way to ensure that your data stays safe.


You Can’t Beat the A Shred Ahead Fleet

When it comes to mobile document disposal, A Shred Ahead is one of the best. That’s why we’re trusted by thousands of clients throughout the central and southern United States.

We are the largest independent file shredding service in the region. But we still treat our customers with the same small business touch they expect. As a family-owned business we bring a personal touch to jobs of any size. We bring one of your trucks directly to you, and do the job on your schedule.

Don’t feel like just another client. Look for a proper disposal service that treats you like people. A Shred Ahead is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. Get your free quote today.

Here's what our clients are saying

“Quick, efficient service with a smile’

- Frank Gonzales – Miami

the gentle man that came today to pick up paper was awesome. He was very professional and kind. I am very satisfied with your customer service also Stacey was wonderful.

- South Beach Orthotics & Prosthetics

The driver was very nice and professional.

- Medic Infusion PA

My first initial contact with the company, through coming to my home of which my business is based, the experience was extremely professional in every way. The driver was informative on how the process worked and he handled my shredding of documents with care and privacy. I was pleased with the uniform and identification of the driver. The vehicle was clean and the payment options were very convenient. Truly an awesome experience and I will use company services again.

- Charles Washington

All I can say is excellent service

- J C Home Inspections, LLC

The service was excellent. The driver very helpful and pleasant. Could not be more pleased. We will contact you again in the fall for another shredding day.

- Kings Point COA

Have never heard or used this service until now. We used for personal shreading because of a move. We have recommended to many friends and business owners already. Very professional and very quick. Thank You!

- Chris Knoll – Wilmington

Technician arrived on time. He was courteous, professional and efficient. It was a dream come true, that we could rid ourselves of all this shredding baggage with privacy in just minutes. Many thanks!!!!

- Raymond Voelpel – Emerald Isle

Worked you before in 2009. Great Service

- Perillo Construction

Excellent service, on time, efficient, and the price is right!

- Singletmoore Corp

This company was great to work with, especially at such a short notice. They returned my call within the same business day and scheduled an appointment the very next day! The delivery man came within the time frame that he confirmed and was efficient in preparing all of our work that needed to be shredded. We will definitely be using this company again!

- O2 Fitness Raleigh

The experience was super easy & Fast. The gentleman who came with the bin was also very nice, very professional, and made the transaction seamless. We will definitely be using this service again in the future. They were prompt and fuss free. Highly satisfied.

- Ellis Group Realty

The office staff and driver with A Shred Ahead were very professional and very accommodating. We will definitely use then again in the future.

- Hancock Law PA

your service was excellence,on time,called ahead,friendly driver..

- Joseph Giles – Mechansville

However, I need a paid invoice for tax purposes? Please email to cruss1059@gmail.com. Thank you.

- Connie Russ – Lumberton

Steve was great as were the people I talked with by telephone. Would definitely use the service again if needed.

- Judi Kerr – Wilmington

Excellent service with the best rates for the service they provide – coming to my location and shredding on-site. Easy to schedule, rep arrived on time and was courteous.

- Helen Pfitzner – Mt. Airy

The event was extremely profitable for city residents. The young man was prompt arriving and setting up. residents lined up quickly and there was a constant flow of traffic. The only thing that I really would change would be a larger vehicle. There were quite a few residents that were turned away because the truck was full. All in all, I would count it as a great success.

- City of Fayetteville – Environmental Dept

Very prompt, courteous, efficient, and cost-effective service. Thank you.

- Jane Tanner

When the job was completed I asked how many pounds was shredded. I was told it as about 1920 pounds. I was shocked by a bill of over $500. The last time I had you shred for me, it was over 1500 pounds with a cost MUCH less. Have your rates increased that much? I will hesitate to call you in the future–you provide good service, but the cost seems very high.

- Wayne Dahnke

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