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Dallas relies on A Shred Ahead and our trusted partners at Eagle Postal Center on Greenville Avenue.

Residents and businesses in Dallas, TX trust A Shred Ahead’s document destruction services. If you have papers to shred, just take them to Eagle Postal Center at the address below. We’ll handle the rest for you and keep you secure.

  • Address:
  • 5931 Greenville Ave.
  • Dallas, TX 75206
  • Hours:
  • Mon.-Fri. 9 a.m.-7 p.m.
  • Sat. 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
  • Sun. Closed

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Why Do I Need a Shredding Service?

A shredder is one of those services you don’t appreciate until you need it. When it’s time to rid yourself of documents, a good shredder can be a lifesaver.

Trying to destroy your documents yourself is a time consuming process. That’s time you could focus on more important things. Things like actually working, instead of feeding pages through an office shredder. By hiring a reliable shredding service, you can leave the dirty work to the pros. These are just some of the reasons a shredding service makes sense.

Stop Identity Theft at the Source

Most people associate identity theft with online habits. But a large amount happens through paper records. Nosy thieves are able to use old bank statements, bills, and even hospital records to gain access to your accounts. Stop them by getting your documents shredded.

Dedication to Service

At A Shred Ahead, we aren’t satisfied with a job until you are. That’s why we make sure to understand your exact needs and ensure that they’re completely met. From the moment you contact us, we’re committed to delivering service that not only gets the job done but gets it done quickly and effectively.

Personalized Shredding Services Protect Privacy

There’s one thing that businesses and the average person have in common. They both want to protect their privacy. One of the best ways to do this is by properly destroying old documents. A Shred Ahead will help you customize your service to dispose of records, and protect your data.

Destroying Your Documents the Right Way

Just because you started a bonfire doesn’t mean your documents are properly destroyed. You never know who might find a salvageable piece of paper or hard drive. There’s one surefire way to know you’re safely disposing your data. Hire a reliable document shredder, and you can ensure that your info is securely dealt with.


Putting Your Satisfaction First

If you need to trust someone with the disposal of your data, look for someone that puts you first. You want a company that’s going to make you, and your info, their main priority. That’s why you need A Shred Ahead.

Our business aims to bring you the best in secure shredding. We have a proven track record of excellent service. Our feedback from our customers proves it. Our dedication to friendly and efficient work is how we became one of the biggest shredding services in our region.

We’ve served the southern and central U.S. for almost 15 years. That’s why we’re one of the most trusted names in the business. It doesn’t matter if you’re dropping your papers off at one of our secure locations, or requesting a pick-up from our mobile services. You can count on us to get the job done.

Here's what our clients are saying

Driver was very accommodating and helpful.

- Town of Elizabethtown

Scheduling was easy. Driver was on time, helpful and very friendly!

- Highland OB/GYN Clinic, PA

on time and quick. Prompt with email response to questions.

- Paul M Thomas

Very professional, Excellent communications and Outstanding Service is how I would describe Shred Ahead! This was our first experience using a document shredding service. The gentleman who came to our location was very nice, and very fast! Had we know how simple and fast the process was we would have cleaned out our records storage a long time ago. Being this was our first experience we had no idea what to expect. The first thing was to shop around for prices. Shred Ahead was so simple to understand and the lady on the phone was very professional and helpful. Simple pricing, simple process and excellent service! Thank you Shred Ahead, we will be calling again!

- North Conway Baptist Church

Everything was on time, fast, very professional

- Golwala MD

We have always had wonderfull experiences with Shred Ahead

- Volt Service Group

best price I found for the amount of documents and the services is mobile

- GECS – storage

Prompt, courteous and efficient service. From the appointment scheduling to finish job. I highly recommend this secure process and A SHRED AHEAD! Thank you.

- Tricia Brocco – Mt Pleasant

Great as always!!!

- Nationwide Insurance

Very friendly service

- Interspec, LLC

Very satisfied with service.

- H J Holtz & Son Inc

Very professional organization. I will use them again in the future.

- Chuck Livingston – Fayetteville

Could not have been better!

- Upstate Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, PA

we had to have it done and S.A. was the only company that contacted us immediately and talked us through what needed to be done. E had over 40 legal boxes of sensitive, legal documents along with some personal old bank and and very old tax receipts. S.A. got this all done in less than one day from the time we said yes. Along with this service, I was able to see that the documents were shredded right as we unloaded them from the bins.

- Tery Palmer – Tucson

Thank you for your very professional job. Your driver was courteous and efficient. A fairly sizable amount of records were destroyed in an incredibly short period of time. I will most certainly recommend you to others Doyle Smith Caregiver for K. Bogasse

- Kathleen Bogasse – Myrtle Beach

Thank you for your professional, prompt and peace of mind service again! From scheduling, follow up, on the way phone call and on site tech to payment. I’m grateful to find a company that can do what they say so smoothly.

- Rome Collburn – Plano

Accurate information relayed. Timely. Brian represented the company well in appearance,politeness and performance on the job.

- JMD Architect, Inc

Junior, the driver/shredder operator was very friendly and knowledgeable about the service he was providing. He has been our shredder for the last several times we have used your company. The check out process was less than desirable. It took him awhile to connect to the internet, then he had to manually enter in my credit card information. This process should be streamlined maybe with a credit card swiper.

- Galvin & Galvin, Inc.

Very curteous and good communicator.

- Weather Gauge Capital

The crew arrived on time. Called ahead as promised. Very friendly and professional. Would definitely reccommend.

- Larry Wisener, MD

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