Asheville, NC

Anyone in the Asheville, NC area can take advantage of A Shred Ahead's top-level mobile shredding.

A Shred Ahead features a dedicated local team in Asheville, NC. Here, we offer superb mobile file shredding services. With our full fleet of high-capacity shredding trucks ready for fast response, we handle any client’s needs. No matter where you are in the Land of the Sky, you can rely on your local A Shred Ahead team.

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Trust Your Shredding Service to Take Charge

With new government regulations, it’s trickier to properly destroy data than you’d think. Instead of stressing about doing things the right way, look to a shredder you can trust. A Shred Ahead can ensure that your info is handled safely and securely.

When it comes to destroying your documents, there’s a certain way things need to be done. You shouldn’t have to sweat every detail. By looking to a dependable shredding service, you can know for sure that your papers are properly disposed.

Go Digital to Stay Secure

You might think that identity theft is largely a digital crime. That’s often not the case. Many times, identity thieves rely on paper records to steal your info. By going digital, and destroying paper records, you’re one step closer to being secure. Get in touch with A Shred Ahead to safely destroy your documents.

Making Our Customers Number One

When it comes to dependable shredding services in your community, no one cares about their customers more than A Shred Ahead. We’re happy to help you, whether the job is big or small. Let us bring our service to you for quick and convenient document destruction.

Personalized Shredding Services Protect Privacy

There’s one thing that businesses and the average person have in common. They both want to protect their privacy. One of the best ways to do this is by properly destroying old documents. A Shred Ahead will help you customize your service to dispose of records, and protect your data.

The Best Way to Protect Customer Records

If you need to eliminate old customer records, A Shred Ahead is the best way to do it. We offer multiple document destruction options that meet federal HIPAA, FACTA, and GLBA regulations. That way, you can be sure your customer’s privacy is kept safe.


Shredding Specialists Since 2003

We founded A Shred Ahead in 2003. In the nearly 15 years since we started, we’ve expanded from a local company to branches all over the southern and central U.S.

You can find our great services in 13 states. And we’re still growing. But we’ve never lost sight of our roots. We still bring the same personal, small business feel to our customers. Our friendly service and dedication to client satisfaction has made us one of the premier shredding services in our region.

Learn why A Shred Ahead has become one of the most popular shredders for yourself. Call us today to find out more about our services.

The Easiest Way to Dispose of Data

Old hard drives can still have a lot of important info. Even if they’ve been wiped. Don’t risk sending them to the recycling center. Call A Shred Ahead to have one of our teams will come to your door take care of it for you. It’s the simplest way to ensure that your data stays safe.

Schedule Your Own Shredding Route

Some clients require our services more frequently. That’s why we’re happy to work with you to schedule regular on-site shredding. Whether it’s annually, monthly, weekly or daily, we’re can help you as often as you need. Get your free quote to see how A Shred Ahead can better serve your business.

Asheville, NC

Document Disposal on Demand

Are you looking for an easy way to get rid of your old documents securely without shredding them yourself? A Shred Ahead gives you several options to destroy documents with our fleet of shredding trucks.

When you contact us, one of our shredding experts can be at your door within a day to shred any amount of documents that you need. Whether you have one old box or you’re clearing out an entire room, our trucks can take any amount.

Because we believe in privacy, we let you in on every step of the process. From collection to disposal, we give you the option to keep an eye on your documents. We even have a screen on our shredding trucks so that you can watch your documents be destroyed in real-time.

Here's what our clients are saying

The driver was fantastic and very polite and professional. Even did all of the heavy lifting for me as I am 8 1/2 months pregnant. Like your company very much and will definitely use them again in the future.

- Mark Druskat, DDS

On time, fast and easy.

- Barbara Sprecker – Tucson

I’m sorry I cannot remember the driver name , but he was exllencent. I paid him in cash and give him $60.00 dollars to much.He rang the doorbell and gave it back. That’s customer service.. I will always use this company..

- Sylvia Ford

Delay with the truck but they kept in great contact with me.

- Tom Clifton, MD

Service was great….thank you so much.

- Nikki Briere – Tucson

Very professional, friendly, appointment kept on time, job done in a timely manner.

- H & H Industrial Insulation, Inc

Scheduling and service were extremely professional. On time and done quickly.

- Kenneth McDonald – Gov

Wow! Jeff was really sharp. On time, neatly dressed, friendly, and very helpful. Nice to see a professional in the customer service world once in a while.

- Carolina Strand Sales

The driver did an excellent job. It went fast

- Westfield Pharmacy – Storage

This was affordable, prompt, polite and excellent service. I called 5 companies to help us with our medical office shredding situation, where privacy is of the utmost importance. Lydia was so pleasant, efficient and helpful in quoting for me (they have fair and very straightforward pricing), and they were able to be at our location in less than a week?s time. They gave me a 2 hour window of when to expect them and they were at our door within 15 minutes of the earliest time frame. The gentleman came in with a large, clean, trash bin. He was identified and very groomed and presentable. He came inside and put all the shredding into the trash bin, took it to his truck and shredded it. In moments he came back into the office, took our payment, and gave me a hard copy receipt and certificate of destruction. All this for $79 even, the exact price of the quote. I will use no other company for our future shredding needs. This company is the absolute best.

- Korman Relief & Wellness

These guys showed up early and got the job done faster than I anticipated. Great Job!

- Nebraskaland Tire and Travel Center

Could not have been better!

- Upstate Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, PA

As usual it was a great experience.

- Winterpark Baptist Church

Both guys that did the shredding here at FTCC did an excellent job. They were friendly, professional, worked very quickly and efficiently.

- Fayetteville Tech


- William Riddle – Tucson

I would definitely recommend A Shred Ahead. They call one to two days ahead to give us a time window. They call on the shred day to give us a time within 1 to 2 hours of when they will be here. The nice young gentlemen is here on time, gets right to work and is gone within 15-20 minutes. Diane Harris H. W. Culp Lumber Co.

- HW Culp Lumber

I am very impressed in how much was shredded and how little time it took.

- The Waterford at Columbia

The service was excellent. I was informed well in advance of when the truck to shred the documents would arrive, and it arrived as scheduled. The driver was extremely courteous and helpful and the whole job was completed in a matter of minutes.

- Christ Presbyterian Church

On time, efficient and price is reasonable

- Borden Physical Therapy

excellent, very professional and friendly

- Coghlan Crowson

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