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Compliance Overview

  • Why is secure document destruction something I need to pay attention to?

    Anyone dealing with corporate and customer files has to think about more than just storage and access: you also have to take into account increasingly stringent federal and state data privacy regulations. Concerns about privacy, security, and identity theft have led to a dramatic increase in laws related to data breaches and customer confidentiality, and they often call for severe fines or other penalties for noncompliance. It is the responsibility of business owners and managers to know the laws that apply to them, and put in place a document destruction program designed to ensure compliance.

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  • Can't I just throw away documents my business no longer needs?

    No. Complying with regulations typically calls for document destruction, and simply discarding paper records leaves them — and you — open to the negative impacts of identity theft perpetrated by unscrupulous “dumpster divers.”

  • What methods are there for secure document destruction?

    The Federal Trade Commission lists several examples of how information may be destroyed: businesses can, for instance, “burn, pulverize, or shred papers containing consumer report information so that the information cannot be read or reconstructed.” Based on these options, in just about all instances paper shredding will be the most convenient, cost effective, and environmentally sensitive alternative.

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  • How can I be certain that all sensitive documents are properly destroyed?

    One of the disposal measures the Federal Trade Commission highlights is to “hire a document destruction contractor to dispose of material specifically identified as consumer report information.” The complexity of the regulatory landscape makes this an attractive option for many businesses, since it frees up valuable staff time while offering peace of mind that the documents are being properly destroyed.

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  • Are there other benefits of document shredding for my business?

    Yes. In addition to compliance issues, a proactive approach to document destruction can keep valuable, sensitive information away from competitors. It can also be part of a comprehensive sustainability initiative: at A Shred Ahead, shredded material is sent to paper mills for use in recycled-content paper, which saves trees, water, electricity, and gasoline.

  • What kinds of business documents should I shred?

    More than you might imagine. Everything from phone records and photographs to receipts and resumes: any papers and documents that contain sensitive information should be destroyed as soon as they are no longer needed for business reasons. The best way to protect your customers’ data and your organization’s reputation is to have a foolproof system in place for document destruction.

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Identity Theft

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