Georgia Shredding Laws

Georgia has strict laws governing the proper methods for document destruction. These laws were put in place to protect individuals from identity theft by ensuring that businesses properly dispose of their sensitive documents. Hiring an Atlanta shredding service is necessary to protect your business and your customers.

Most states have laws that address the protection of sensitive information, including its proper disposal. Georgia has some of the toughest laws governing document destruction. Atlanta shredding services can help businesses protect sensitive records as well as responsibly destroy and discard the documents.

In 1998, SB 475 was passed and it was further amended in 2002. This particular law includes guidelines for the proper destruction of sensitive materials by businesses as well as provides steps that must be followed should a breach in security occur. If there is a suspected breach in security, the state must be notified within 24 hours.

SB 475 requires that sensitive personal information be protected using the following methods:

  • Shred a document containing personal information before discarding.
  • Erase the sensitive information contained in a document before discarding.
  • Modify the personal record in a way that makes the information unreadable.
  • Make sure that during the period between the record’s disposal and the record’s destruction, the information is stored securely so that it is not accessible to an unauthorized person.

Identity theft is a growing crime with far-reaching effects. Thus, it is imperative that sensitive information be protected. It can be time consuming for businesses to handle their own document destruction as well as monitor the process to ensure that they are following state and federal guidelines. An Atlanta shredding service, such as A Shred Ahead, can make sure that your document destruction is handled in a reliable and professional manner. We provide on-site rolling bins and consoles that safely contain the discarded documents prior to destruction. We visit your business regularly and remove the documents to their truck where we shred the records on-site. Once your documents are destroyed, you will receive a confirmation email. A Shred Ahead is a professional, reliable and environment-friendly Atlanta shredding service.

Document destruction is vital in today’s world. An identity thief can destroy a person’s credit, clean out their bank account and create havoc in their personal and professional life. Contact A Shred Ahead and ask how we can manage your Atlanta shredding needs.

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