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The team at A Shred Ahead is your ideal partner for secure shredding that brings you many benefits.

These days, it’s natural to be concerned with information and data security. Whether you’re an individual thinking about identity theft or a business that manages sensitive customer records, it’s a huge issue. Identity theft is a crime that happens surprisingly often these days. Paper files and electronic data are all at risk of being compromised. The results can be very serious—financially and legally. It’s more important every day to have a secure shredding partner you can trust. A Shred Ahead is here to be your go-to shredder.

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Our approach to secure shredding

Our secure paper shredding is a proactive service that can help stop problems before they happen. We take the hassle and worry out of the process, while making sure clients comply with all privacy regulations.

Why should you rely on A Shred Ahead to destroy your old files and electronic data? There are a number of reasons why we’re trusted by thousands of clients across the central and southern U.S. It all comes down to protecting your sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. But, there are other benefits that may surprise you.

Shredding keeps your info safe
The bottom line is ensuring your old records will never compromise your sensitive info. Hackers and identity thieves are getting better at finding and exploiting personal data every day. With A Shred Ahead, you can rest easy knowing all of your outdated files are destroyed and unrecoverable. If you’re a business that handles customer records, you’re helping protect hundreds or even thousands of people’s lives.

We’ll help you follow the laws
Shredding is also about ensuring your business complies with a long list of state and federal privacy laws. The penalties for failing to comply could be incredibly expensive! You might get fined by the government. There may be costly lawsuits if customer data gets out. Learn more by checking out our identity theft fact sheets below:

Our services are eco-friendly
Our mobile shredding trucks are state-of-the-art, so they’re very fuel efficient. We also recycle 100% of the paper we shred. That means we keep over a million pounds of paper out of our landfills every month. It also means we help save tons of trees, water, electricity, and gas that would be used to produce new paper. Plus, it cuts down on pollution. Click here to learn more about A Shred Ahead’s sustainability.

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