About Our Company

A Shred Ahead is a different type of shredding company serving the southern and central U.S.

Founded in 2003 as a small, two-family operation in Durham, NC, A Shred Ahead has grown quickly. Today, we’re proud to be the largest independent file shredding company serving 13 U.S. states and counting. Our proven track record of great performance, friendly service, and building trust has helped us grow into a premier shredder in our region. It’s all about our customer focus. We strive to bring everyone the best in secure shredding while working for 100% satisfaction.

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Our company's guiding principles

At A Shred Ahead, we hire great people who take great pride in delivering outstanding service. We give our people the tools they need to do the best job possible. In everything, the client is our top priority.

There are four key principles that guide the A Shred Ahead team every day. We’ve made it our mission to stick to these principles and let them guide us to the top of our industry. Below, we’ve listed our four key principles and expanded on what they mean and how we approach them.

1. Fast, Efficient Operations
It’s easy to see how speed and efficiency are good things for any business to work toward. For us at A Shred Ahead, it’s crucial to serve our customers as quickly and effectively as possible. We also strive to be as fast and efficient as possible in our internal operations as well. It all helps us keeps our prices down and ensures our customers are happy with our work.

2. Friendly Customer Service
We’re still a family company at heart. We believe that being friendly to everyone at all times is key. Our uniformed team members greet everyone with a smile and treat everyone with respect—even people who aren’t clients! We all truly care about what we do and the people we serve every day. Our customers are the reason for our success, and we’ll never lose sight of that fact.

3. Reliable, Trustworthy Employees
A company is only as good as its team. At A Shred Ahead, we take special care to hire only the very best people we can find. The goal is to be dependable and build trust with every client, every day. We also take pride in building teams that are local to the areas they serve. This means we’re all proud of the work we do, and we truly want to do a great job for each valued client.

4. Secure Procedures & Policies
File shredding is all about the safety and security of sensitive information. Our clients want to protect themselves, their families, their employees, and their own customers from identity theft and other related issues. It’s a huge problem in this day and age. So, we’re committed to doing everything possible to be secure and safe at every level of our company and our operations.

Here's what our clients are saying

Arrived on time. Very pleasant. Cost was as quoted. Great job!

- Marvin Elementary – Marvin

Good friendly service. Arrived as expected and on time.

- Belton Industries

Showed up on time and was in/out in under 15 minutes.

- IG Tax & Accounting – Coral Springs

He did a great job and very efficient. Took no time at all for all the bins he did.

- Olympic Laboratories

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