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No matter what kind of business you have, your first obligation is to deliver the goods and services for which your customers have paid. Increasingly, it is also part of a business’ obligation to protect their customer’s private information which it might have obtained in the course of doing business with them. Laws differ from state to state and from one industry to another, but all over the United States, stringent laws have been passed requiring business owners to implement strict measures to safeguard their customer’s private information.


Our Company’s Choice to Make a Difference

More and more companies are shredding documents containing sensitive private information – whether it is their own, or their customers’. Applied with other prudent security measures, shredding can be an excellent way to help prevent identity theft, a crime that is becoming increasingly prevalent and costing the U.S. upwards of $1.5 billion a year.


A Shred Ahead is a trusted Atlanta shredding company that has been protecting the privacy of businesses all over Georgia for 10 years. We work hard to be a responsible and pro-active company, securely recycling the shredded documents we collect from our clients with reliable paper mills. Our collection consoles are secure containers with tamper-evident lockable doors, and we offer these to our customers at no additional charge. They are ideal for small and large businesses and are durable as well as efficient. These consoles are compact and tastefully designed to complement any décor as well as fit most office space configurations.


A Shred Ahead is a different kind of shredding company because we choose to be part of the solution rather than staying on the sidelines. We employ eco-friendly, energy-efficient practices whenever possible (our collecting bins are 100 percent recyclable). We also choose to absorb the extra cost this can sometimes entail rather than take short-cuts that harm the environment. We are committed to making the right choices for the security of our customer’s information while safeguarding the impact these decisions have on the environment at the same time.

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