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Customized Shredding Services for Any Business Need

Running a business is never easy. There are many different responsibilities involved that you never think about, many of which don’t actually have much to do with your actual business mission. Nevertheless, they’re part of keeping the doors open and running your operation the right way. One aspect that comes up for many businesses is the accumulation of documents and more that eventually serve no purpose to store. Without a plan to remove this material, they end up taking up space, becoming part of that room full of boxes and old computer equipment. For business like medical or law offices or anywhere personal information from patients, clients, or customers is collected, the need to dispose of this information securely is paramount, given that you’re responsible for the safety of that data. When you need to unload stored-away documents, hard drives, or otherwise, A Shred Ahead can help. We’ve got locations all through the southeast ready to send you the assistance you need to free up some space and have peace of mind knowing this information has been destroyed, making it impossible to end up in the wrong hands.

Our Easy, On-Site Shredding Capabilities

A Shred Ahead makes it easy to handle this aspect of your business because we come to you. All you have to do is decide what to shred and set up the appointment, then we’ll bring our state-of-the-art shredding trucks to you to safely and securely shred your materials quickly. Plus, you can be as involved as you like. Feel free to resume business as normal while our professional crew shreds your materials, or stand by and watch the entire process. Here’s a brief list of what we can provide:

  • Paper shredding. Document files, receipts, records, and any other paper materials are completely shredded in our trucks. No amount is too large. We’ll happily shred everything from old newspapers to even the most confidential and sensitive of records with the utmost level of security.
  • Hard drive destruction. Don’t let those old computers, phones, or other devices sit around once you no longer need them, and definitely don’t just donate or send them to a recycling center. Hard drives store any personal information you’ve logged into them, and they’re just as vulnerable to be hacked as paper records. Even if you “delete” these files, hackers can still access this information and use it to steal identities. The only way to be 100% secure is to have hard drives completely destroyed in our advanced trucks.
  • Medical & legal shredding. Medical offices, law offices, and the like have a very serious responsibility to protect certain kinds of information. A Shred Ahead is fully compliant with these laws and regulations and offers the highest levels of security. Our HIPAA, FACTA, and GLBA shredding services make it easy to unload no-longer-needed information without compromising your reputation or violating requirements.

Find a Route for You

In addition to making shredding easy for your business through our diverse capabilities, we also keep it hassle-free with our service options. See how we can help below.

  • The One-Time Purge. Spring cleaning? Moving offices? Going out of business? Just wanted to clear the clutter? We’ll bring out our trucks to get the job done in one big swoop. No job is too big.
  • Routine Shredding Services. Want to make shredding a regular part of your business? Just choose how often you need us to come by, and we’ll get you set up with a route that serves your needs with ease.

Questions about shredding? Contact A Shred Ahead today!


How at Risk Is Your Personal Information?

Personal Information Risk

At A Shred Ahead, we’re in the business of more than just shredding documents, hard drives, and more. We’re in the business of keeping you and your personal information or the personal information you’re responsible for safe. It’s a job we take seriously, and so does the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). NAID is an international association that regulates the information destruction industry and upholds its standards and ethics. The well-respected group recently released a study in which devices were collected and tested to see just how easy it would be to extract sensitive data from their hard drives. The results showed that it’s a lot easier than you may think, with highly confidential information being easily accessed by measures that weren’t that extreme. The vast majority of people today use at least one device, like a cellphone, tablet, laptop, smart TV, etc., every day. While these devices provide convenience and capability, they also make data stored on them vulnerable, and more data is stored than you may realize. If found in the wrong hands, these devices can be hacked before you ever notice a thing, and your confidential information can be stolen and used against your will.

NAID’s study showed that 40% of devices resold in publicly-available resale channels contained personally identifiable information (PII). PII includes data like credit card information, contact information, usernames and passwords, company and personal data, tax details, photos, and more. This vulnerable information isn’t that hard to crack, either. Robert Johnson, NAID CEO, commented, “NAID employed only basic measures to extract data; imagine if we had asked our forensics agency to actually dig!” He added, “40 percent is horrifying when you consider the millions of devices that are recycled annually.”

Some concerning facts taken from the study include:

  • 13% of mobile phones involved had easily recoverable PII
  • 50% of tablets had considerable PII
  • 44% of hard drives contained immense PII

Affiliate John Benkert noted, “Auction, resell, and recycling sites have created a convenient revenue stream in used devices; however, the real value is in the data that the public unintentionally leaves behind.”

Even if you think you’re “deleting” your files from these devices, it’s likely you haven’t cleaned them as well as you’ve been lead to believe. Even “wiping” them may leave behind bits of information you’re blind to. PII is difficult to fully remove, and it doesn’t take much for even a novice hacker to recover it. The only way to be sure you’re protected is to carry out full destruction of these hard drive devices. That ensures the device is completely destroyed, leaving no possibility for information to be stolen.

Contact A Shred Ahead for more information on this growing need to keep your data secure, and ask about how our hard drive destruction services can help keep your information out of the wrong hands.

FAQ’s About Hard Drive Destruction

Hard Drive Destruction

With the availability of shredding services like A Shred Ahead these days, many people have realized the need for enlisting professionals when it comes to secure paper shredding. However, the need for safe hard drive destruction still hasn’t seemed to catch on like it should. The instances of hard drives and other electronics being used to commit identity theft and the stealing of sensitive data is on the rise, yet methods to stay safe aren’t often talked about. Of the people who do realize the importance of securely destroying electronic information, a large percentage is doing it incorrectly. A common misconception is that “deleting” or “wiping” files and drives means you’re safe forever, but this isn’t the case. Deleting may mean your file is out of sight, but it’s not out of mind, and wiping isn’t always as thorough as you may think. To protect your sensitive information and that of those you do business with, a reputable hard drive destruction service is the only way to guarantee long-term safety. That’s why A Shred Ahead provides convenient, thorough, and 100% safe destruction of items like hard drives, CDs, DVDs, thumb drives, SD cards, mobile phones, and more across the southeast.

Learn more about hard drive destruction below.

Hard Drive Shredding Q&A

A Shred Ahead has made it easy to stay secure for years, offering hard drive shredding services to home and business owners for years. We hear these questions frequently, and we’re happy to answer.

What information can get stolen off hard drives and other electronic items?

Most often, the data being stolen are things like bank numbers, credit card information, social security numbers, addresses, passwords, etc. that can give hackers the opportunity to steal your identity and money.

How does hard drive shredding work?

We make it easy. You don’t have to do anything, not even dismantle your hard drive. We show up at your home or office, take the items you want shredded straight to our powerful mobile shredding truck, and destroy them completely onsite. Not one bit of information is left.

Can I watch it happen?

Absolutely. You can be as involved as you like. Feel free to watch the entire process start to finish and ask questions.

Is electronic data shredding legal?

It’s as legal as you can get when it comes to getting rid of unwanted, data-containing items. Every member of the A Shred Ahead team is fully trained and highly experienced when it comes to compliance laws and regulations for a variety of industries. We take keeping you and your reputation safe seriously, making sure we follow every state and federal requirement for the latest shredding standards.

How safe is mobile data shredding?

Extremely. We take every precaution and follow every regulation. We first log the hard drive’s serial number, then destroy each piece, recycling them separately.


For further questions or to enlist in a hard drive shredding service, feel free to call the A Shred Ahead team at (866) 933-7171.

Can Document Shredding Be Eco-Friendly?

Document Shredding

April invites home and business owners alike to do some spring cleaning, get rid of the clutter, and refresh their space. For some, particularly businesses, this could mean unloading a large volume of paper you’ve been storing that’s now worn out its welcome. If there’s no need to hang on to documents, why keep the clutter? Deciding to let go of unnecessary documents taking up space is a great way to have a fresh start, but it’s important to make sure it’s done the right way. Many people know by now not to just throw documents that contain sensitive information in the trash due to the risk of information theft, not to mention how wasteful it is. However, plenty of people instead take their unwanted papers to the recycling center, thinking they’re making the responsible choice. With Earth Day approaching, we commend people wanting to free up their paper clutter in a sustainable way through recycling, but simply recycling papers doesn’t provide security. There is a way to maintain both safety and sustainability, and you can experience it easily through A Shred Ahead’s convenient document shredding service.

Sustainable Paper Shredding

Considering our industry, environmentally friendly practices were something we at A Shred Ahead made a priority from the beginning. We wanted to not only provide much-needed security for those seeking to get rid of unwanted paper, hard drives, and more, but we also wanted our clients–and ourselves–to be able to feel good about our business practices. We’ve come a long way since the beginning, and we now proudly operate in a manner that is both sustainable and secure, including:

  • Shredding trucks that are ultra-efficient, consuming less fuel per pound of paper shredded than any other system in the industry. Our trucks also meet the EPA’s low emissions standards by using ultra low sulfur diesel and B5 biodiesel.
  • Collection consoles that feature low emissions materials.
  • Rolling bins that are 100% recyclable.

Once your documents are thoroughly and securely collected and shredded, they move on to the recycling process, performed by our extensive network of qualified paper mills. This way, your paper materials still get recycled, and you still get the peace of mind knowing A Shred Ahead has managed the safety of your information from start to finish. In the years we’ve been operating this way, our clients have helped save approximately:

  • 22,050 Cubic Yards of Landfill Material
  • 107,100 Trees
  • 44,100,000 Gallons of Water
  • 2,394,000 Gallons of Oil
  • 25,830,000 kWh of Energy
  • 396,00 Pounds of Air Pollutants

That’s no small feat, and it goes to show that you can balance both security and sustainability in the document shredding process. So, when you tackle your spring cleaning this year, keep A Shred Ahead’s safe, eco-friendly services in mind. We’ve got dozens of locations throughout the southeast with trained teams ready to serve your shredding needs. Browse our services, and request a quote today!

Shredding Companies Near Me: A Full Location List

Shredding Companies Near Me

Having a reliable shredding company at your disposal is invaluable, especially if you’re a business that regularly collects high volumes of sensitive information. Whether you’re an individual needing one-time or sporadic shredding or a business owner interested in recurring shredding services, having a shredding company nearby means you can dispose of confidential data quickly and securely. At A Shred Ahead, we provide fast, easy, on-site shredding of varying quantities of documents, hard drives, and more. We’re extremely knowledgeable about and compliant with federal and state regulations concerning proper data disposal, and we welcome you to witness our services to see how we securely shredding every bit of your data to prevent identity breaches and compliance issues. If you’re in need of shredding services but have never thought about shredding companies near you, A Shred Ahead is here to be your trusted partner.

Secure Document Shredding Nationwide

When A Shred Ahead began, we sought out to provide a fast way to relieve individuals and businesses of their paper records, hard drives, and other sensitive data without sacrificing security or sustainability. We’re now proud to serve over 35 locations across a dozen states, offering the same prompt and effective service for each area. When you need a local team you can rely on, consult our location list below to find a local expert near you.

Alabama Shredding Services

Arizona Shredding Services

Arkansas Shredding Services

Florida Shredding Services

Georgia Shredding Services

Louisiana Shredding Services

Nebraska Shredding Services

North Carolina Shredding Services

Oklahoma Shredding Services

South Carolina Shredding Services

Tennessee Shredding Services

Texas Shredding Services

Virginia Shredding Services

Whether your shredding needs are big or small, contact an A Shred Ahead location near you today for quick, reliable service that keeps you secure and clutter-free!

5 Reasons to Partner with a Mobile Shredding Company

Mobile Shredding CompanyA shredding company isn’t often a service most people think to have in their arsenal of local need fillers. Most people have established their doctor, dentist, accountant, mechanic, garbage collector, and more, but they rarely stop to consider the value of a fast, reliable shredding service provider. Partnering with a trusted mobile shredding company can provide added convenience and security for both home and business owners alike. If you’re someone who could benefit from safe shredding of documents, hard drives, and more, finding a local mobile shredding company to have on call is a good idea.

Easy, On-Site Shredding

Mobile Shredding CompanySince no home or business owner wants to deal with shredding large quantities of documents or materials themselves, relying on a mobile shredding company means you get straight-to-your-door service that gets the job done quickly without the hassle. This can be invaluable, especially if you’ve stored sensitive information over the years and have acquired a large volume of data you need to safely dispose of in a short time frame. Partnering with a reputable mobile shredding company means your personal or commercial business stays secure and clutter-free without you needing to invest the time or effort.

The top reasons people call on A Shred Ahead are:

  1. We help you clear the clutter. Whether you’re a homeowner with years of files you no longer need or a business who routinely collects sensitive data, at some point, the clutter has to go. When it does, you want to make sure it’s done the right way. Shredding service providers help you clear out what’s no longer needed in one quick session.
  2. Our mobile services are customizeable. We work with your needs. Use us once, sporadically, or on an ongoing basis. We’ll provide the same level of service whether we see you one time or come to your site weekly. If you’re interested in ongoing shredding services, you can get on our scheduled route to ensure your needs are met on your time table.
  3. We provide a high level of security. When dealing with sensitive information like credit card numbers, social security information, medical or legal data, etc., security is top priority. Whether it’s yours or your clientele’s, you need a safe way to dispose of the information without running into a legal issue or identity theft problem. A Shred Ahead complies with top security standards and has the knowledge and equipment to make sure this standard is upheld every time we shred.
  4. Our team is knowledgeable about shredding requirements. Every member of our shredding team is trained in the requirements for proper shredding practices. If you’re a business that collects confidential data, you can trust that we’re knowledgeable on all the latest compliance regulations and follow each with high precision.
  5. Shredding is done sustainably. When you’re shredding high volumes of documents, it can seem environmentally negligent. However, we securely recycle all of our shredding material, so you don’t have to worry about being wasteful or wonder what happens to your shreddings after we leave.


Professional shredding is a fast, easy way to keep the clutter from building up without sacrificing security. If you or your company could benefit from partnering with A Shred Ahead for one-time or recurring mobile shredding services, just give us a call at (866) 933-7171 or see our list of locations.

Ever Think About Paper Shredding Companies?

Paper Shredding Companies

So, how often do you think about paper shredding companies? Probably never, right? You’re not alone. Most people don’t think about paper shredding companies often if at all unless they’ve experienced the ease of benefiting from one. Though many people keep store their records and sensitive information on computers and mobile devices today, you’d be surprised how common printed records still are. You also may be surprised to find out that the majority of identify theft occurs from stealing paper materials as well. Consider the level of difficulty in getting data like social security numbers or credit card information from a paper document versus a computer hard drive. One requires the skill of hacking a device. The other simply requires going through your home or business’s trash. It’s more important now than ever to be mindful about keeping your sensitive data safe, so for peace of mind and true protection, it’s best to enlist an experienced, reputable paper shredding company to be your partner in properly handling this kind of disposal.

Reliable Paper Shredding Service

A Shred Ahead has helped home and business owners nationwide keep their confidential data secure for years. Our paper shredding service is backed by highly experienced and trained drivers and state-of-the-art shredding trucks. Our customers know that when they call on us, they get prompt, fast service right there at their home or business. We come straight to you, and you can watch us shred all of your printed materials thoroughly and securely. There’s a reason we’ve grown so quickly, and it’s due to the loyalty of our customers. We pride ourselves on our reputation, and our goal is always to protect you and your business.

Home or Business Paper Shredding

Our experts at A Shred Ahead provide both home and business paper shredding services. We shred everything from a bag of documents to an entire room of stored records with the same level of accuracy and security. This is especially helpful for businesses who are required by law to remain legally compliant, such as medical offices, legal facilities, and educational institutions who are responsible for other people’s confidential information. Proper paper shredding is the only way to ensure safe disposal of these sensitive records.

That said, how often will you think about paper shredding companies now? If you care about protecting your identity, hopefully this information inspires you to consider starting a partnership with a reliable shredding company. If you have questions or would like to schedule a service with the A Shred Ahead team, just give us a call at (866) 933-7171. We’re happy to handle both one-time purges and recurring shredding needs.


The Truth About Hard Drive Destruction

Hard Drive DestructionWhat do you do when it’s time to throw out an old computer? What about when you want to get rid of your old phone? Many home and business owners donate them, take them to a recycling center, or just simply lump them in with the garbage. However, did you know that this makes you just as prone to identity theft as not properly disposing of documents? Even if you “delete” or “wipe” your files, they’re not fully in the clear when it comes to savvy hackers. For true security, you have to handle technology like this with the same priority as you would with printed materials containing sensitive information. The only way to truly prevent identity theft in this situation is to call on an expert for full hard drive destruction.

Trusted Hard Drive Shredding Services

A Shred Ahead has helped home and business owners properly dispose of their confidential and sensitive information for years, and we’re well known nationwide for our reliable hard drive shredding services. We’re particularly known for helping those in certain fields comply with legal requirements regarding confidentiality, such as medical offices, educational institutions, and legal offices. Our team is well versed in these regulations and helps customers avoid compliance penalties and fines regularly.

We bring our state-of-the-art shredding trucks directly to your home or job site and securely shred all your items carrying sensitive data. Our powerful trucks are thorough and ensure no trace of the items is left behind, potentially putting you or your company at risk. Our experience includes successfully shredding the following items, to name a few:

  • Computer hard drives
  • Thumb drives
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • SD cards
  • Mobile phones

When you need fast, secure, compliant hard drive destruction services, our team at A Shred Ahead is second to none. Our experts take what they do seriously because our main goal is keeping you safe by preventing the wrong information ending up in the wrong hands.

To schedule a service with us, just call us at (866) 933-7171. Learn more about hard drive destruction here on our site.

3 Reasons to Care About Data Shredding Services

Did you know that A Shred Ahead does more than shred documents? Did you know there even was more to shred aside from paper? If you’re concerned with keeping your or your business’s sensitive information safe, one aspect of security you may be overlooking is our data shredding services. At A Shred Ahead, we offer data shredding services across multiple locations throughout southern and central U.S. to help keep your information secure from all angles.

What is data shredding? It’s the secure shredding and destruction of items like computer hard drives, thumb drives, CDs, DVDs, SD cards, mobile phones, etc. Many people don’t realize that these pieces of technology store sensitive information and that simply “deleting” files doesn’t erase them from the devices completely, leaving information vulnerable to theft. These items are just as dangerous as paper records if they land in the wrong hands. That’s why have experienced technicians and cutting-edge equipment to safely and effectively destroy these items for good.

So why make data security a priority?

1. To Protect Your Identity

Often, when people are ready to dispose of items like computer hard drives and mobile devices like tablets and phones, they take them to a trash facility, donate them, or leave them behind at an old office and never give them another thought. However, the information left on these items can leave you, your patient, or your customer vulnerable to attack. If these items have stored bank information, social security numbers, and more, you could expose you or someone you’re responsible for to identity theft.

2. It’s the Law

There are many state and federal laws and regulations that govern data security across many industries and states, so our data shredding services help you stay in proper legal compliance as well. Our local teams have many years of experience helping our clients navigate federal and state laws and regulations. With our expertise and our secure data destruction, you can avoid violations that result in penalties and fines.

3. It’s Too Easy Not To

A Shred Ahead’s data shredding services make it easy to securely dispose of and destroy these vulnerable items, so why wouldn’t you play it safe? There’s no point in risking a potentially identity or business-ruining information breach when our team comes directly to you to securely and efficiently shred all data-storing devices, ensuring your peace of mind. We couldn’t make it any easier, so there’s no excuse for avoiding this necessary precaution.


For more information about our data shredding services or to get started with A Shred Ahead, give us a call at (866) 933-7171 or contact us on our website.


The Rise in Need for Secure Shredding

Anybody remember Newton’s third law? Probably not. It states For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. It’s certainly true when it comes to the availability of information today. We live in an age of immediate communication despite distance, knowledge just a click away, and access to information most people would have never gotten their hands on twenty, even ten, years ago. These walls coming down can be a positive thing, like being able to connect with family across the country and learning encyclopedias full of information from your desk for free. However, this availability and access does come with a price. While it’s easier for you to reach what you want, it’s also easier for the those with bad intentions to reach you and your private information. Once in the wrong hands, confidential information can wreak havoc on your life or your business’s future. Millions of adults are victims of identity theft every year in the U.S., leading to over $37 billion in losses. You may be surprised to find out, however, that a large portion of this kind of theft happens offline by stealing paper records. This makes secure shredding a priority now more than ever.

How to Stay Secure

At A Shred Ahead, we revolve our business around your security. Our secure shredding services ensure your confidential and sensitive information remain out of the wrong hands at every point in our data destruction process. Below, we’ve composed a list of what to consider to keep you and your information safe, as well as resources for further reading.


While specifics vary across states and industries, what’s important to know about proper compliance is that the security of customer records is a must for any business. Failure to comply with regulations – whether through an actual data breach or in some cases just the possibility of unauthorized access – can bring severe penalties and heavy fines. Regular, comprehensive paper shredding can ensure the integrity of the information you hold and help you stay on the right side of the law.

Federal Law

Concerns about privacy, security, and identity theft have led to a dramatic increase in regulations at the national level. This has led to a considerable rise in the requirements placed on many different types of businesses, especially when it comes to document shredding. As a result, the secure disposal of corporate, customer, and patient information can be complex, requiring you to partner with a knowledgeable shredder to avoid violations.

State Laws

Many states have also issued efforts to increase consumer privacy and limit identity theft. This means that, in many areas, businesses have an added incentive to make sure their electronic media and paper shredding are being handled promptly and properly. Most states have laws covering breaches of security involving confidential and personal information stored electronically, and some also refer to printed material. By being proactive and having an effective overall shredding program in place, you can protect yourself and your business from operating outside the law.

Be Informed

The key to keeping your sensitive information, as well as the information of people you’re responsible for keeping confidential, is knowing the facts and enlisting a company that provides compliant, secure shredding services. Our team at A Shred Ahead is diligent in staying informed of and in alignment with the latest laws and regulations for secure shredding, and we help thousands of home and business owners do the same.

For more information, read through the resources below, or give us a call at (866) 933-7171.