Shredding Documents or Recycling: Which is Better?

The paperless office is like Martians. A myth. Companies only aspire to be paperless. Look around and you will see network printers and Xerox machines. You will spot yellow legal pads and vibrant Post-It notes. Paper remains a convenience and a necessity. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) says that recycling one ton of paper would […]

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Why You Need A Shredding Service

Every business handles sensitive information on a daily basis. That makes it important that you dispose of printouts properly. You can try and shred them in the office, but it’s better business to use a professional service. Desktop shredders are fine for home use, but they weren’t cut out for commercial work. If you have […]

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A Shred Ahead Rolls Into Western NY

For Immediate Release A Shred Ahead continues to expand. Its popular mobile shredding services are coming to Western New York. Commercial and residential clients can look forward to easy and speedy shredding services in their area. Raleigh, NC October 5,  2017 – A Shred Ahead, is a leading mobile shredding provider. It is headquartered in […]

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What Is Ransomware, and How Does It Affect Me?

For most people, the thought of their valuables being held ransom is something that they’ve only ever seen on TV. But with ransomware, it’s becoming increasingly easy for cybercriminals to gain access to and hold the things you care about most ransom. Ransomware is a word that has been popping up in the news a […]

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Reduce Clutter for Simplify Your Life Week

It’s National Simplify Your Life Week, and that means there’s never been a better time to clean out the clutter from your home. Clutter can include all sorts of things, such as: Appliances you don’t use anymore Extra equipment you don’t need Clothes you no longer wear Old documents that are out-of-date Out of all […]

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