A Shred Ahead’s Bins & Consoles

At A Shred Ahead, we offer a variety of bins and consoles for safe, smart disposal of your unwanted documents. Our bins are subtle in appearance. So, they won’t attract unwanted attention and can easily be tucked away. These bins are also highly secure and easy to use. That means they make getting rid of info that is confidential but no longer needed simple and safe. See our most popular options and their features below! Feel free to contact us at A Shred Ahead to learn more about our console choices and which would be right for you or your business.

Office Consoles

Our office consoles are ideal for offices that need to dispose of unwanted documents conveniently.

Picture of an Office Shredding Console

  • Security: Tamper-evident lockable door
  • Location: High-traffic areas, such as near a copier, trash can, or FAX machine. Also great for individual offices, such as HR or Payroll. High-visibility areas
  • Capacity: Approximately 80 pounds
  • Dimensions: 40″h x 19″w x 19″d
  • Color: Neutral

Rolling Bin

Our rolling bins are perfect for businesses with a high volume of confidential materials.

Picture of a Rolling Shredding Bin

  • Security: Tamper-evident lockable cover
  • Location: Recycling area, work room, records storage area, or other high-volume document areas
  • Capacity: Approximately 300 pounds
  • Dimensions: 47″h x 25″w x 26″d
  • Color: Gray

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