AllShred, Inc. Changes Its Name to A Shred Ahead

Allshred, Inc., an independent mobile shredding company, has changed its business name to A Shred Ahead. The name change is a part of a comprehensive rebranding strategy by the shredding service provider to eliminate brand confusion and showcase the company’s commitment to customer service.

“As we’ve expanded, we’ve outgrown the AllShred name,” said A Shred Ahead’s Tom Hanlon. “We wanted a new identity that was more distinctive and scalable, allowing us to continue our expansion plans without the risk of brand confusion.”

“We decided on A Shred Ahead after numerous conversations with our customers. The feedback was consistent: with our unparalleled focus on customer service, we truly are A Shred Ahead of the competition.”

The rebranding effort includes a new website, logo, and a new tagline, “Fast, friendly, reliable shredding.” To see A Shred Ahead’s new look — or to learn about the company’s shredding services — visit

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