A Shred Ahead Adds Fuel-Efficient Shredding Truck to its Fleet

A Shred Ahead, the Southeast’s leading independent document destruction company, has acquired a new, fuel-efficient shredding truck. The purchase of Shred-Tech’s MDS-15GT is the latest move by A Shred Ahead to demonstrate its commitment to both environmental stewardship and excellence in customer service.

The MDS-15GT is a smaller shredding truck that meets the EPA’s strict new low emissions standards and operates on either ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel or B5 biodiesel. The new truck is equipped with advanced load sensing capabilities that turn the high engine idle off when the shredder’s hopper is empty. This predictive idle technology lowers engine hours and reduces fuel consumption.

In addition to its environmental sensibilities, the truck’s smaller size allows A Shred Ahead to efficiently navigate in compact, urban environments.

“Our top priority is excellence in customer service,” said A Shred Ahead’s Tom Hanlon. “By combining this highly-efficient truck with our advanced routing system, we’ll be even more responsive to customer needs. The fact that this shredding truck has a minimal environmental impact is icing on the cake.”

A Shred Ahead will rely on the MDS-15GT in its core urban markets and routes with a large amount of drive time. The company expects to supplement its existing fleet with additional MDS-15GTs so it can fully utilize the truck’s advanced maneuverability and excellent fuel economy.

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